“In God We Trust”

Saw this on the news last night- seems a clear violation of church and state, but I doubt if anyone here would challenge it. We shall see. It went through the House Transportation Committee here in Idaho with one dissenting voice, a Democrat. The plate not only is a clear violation, (although since it’s our motto, it would be hard to go against it) but a good percentage of the revenues would go to the sponsor of the bill, Congressman Bill Sali’s, American Heritage Foundation, whose purpose is to educate the public regarding the “powerful legacy bestowed on every citizen through the foundational principles and history of the United States.”  Revisionist principles and history? AND, “On the comments, writings and views of the founding fathers.”,  (which ones – do they get to pick and choose?) AND “On those matters in history that remain important but that are not widely-known or well-remembered such as the national motto.”  (Which of course is “In God We Trust.”).  Etc.  Clearly, not only is the plate in violation, but the group that is to benefit from fees from the sale of this through state agencies.  Although it is newly formed,  so not much is known about it, it has a mission which is clearly conservative and politically motivated.  I’m not sure how you can sponsor a bill, get it started going through the house, and have the profits go to your own charity, which is barely set up, not even a web page, and has goals than are clearly in line with a conservative political agenda, and no one thinks this is wrong?  Stinks to me.  Why must they push their personal agenda down everyone’s throat?  I don’t dictate to them, why should they dictate to me?


Bill Sali seeks ‘In God We Trust’ specialty license plate, benefitting his new non-profit | Voices.IdahoStatesman.com

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