SciFi Books I Want to Read – my dream buying list…

SciFi Books (a few of these are more Y/A, but I enjoy those too, and a few are fantasy, but I tried to mark them as such. ** means it looks really good, and is recommended). If they are part of a series, they are noted as such – a missing one – i.e. it starts with #2, means I have #1. Some series have names and are noted, others do not.

So try a few – you might enjoy them. All had plots I liked, or came recommended by friends.

Allen, Steve – Resurrection
Anderson, Barth – Patron Saint of Plagues
Anderson, Kevin – Metal Swarm (et al)
Asaron, Catherine – Primary Inversion
Asher, Neal – Gridlinked #1, The Line of Polity#2, Brassman #3, Polity Agent #4 (Polity Universe) Prador Moon (Polity series), Africa Moon, The Engineer Reconditioned (ss)
Ashley, Mike – Gateways to Forever
Asimov – End of Eternity, The God’s Themselves
Atlanasio, A. A. – Solis
Atwood, Margaret – Oryx and Crake
Baker, Kage – In the Garden of Iden, Heaven,
Black Projects, White Knights: The Company, Anvil of the Work
Ballantyne, Tony – Capacity
Banks, Iain – Feersum Endjinn, The Algebraist, Steep Approach to Garbadale, Consider Phlebas, Use of weapons, The Player of Games, Excession, Inversion, Look to Windward, Matter
Baxter, Stephen – Deep Future (anth), Traces
Bear, Elizabeth – Carnival, Dust, chains that You Refuse, Whiskey and Water, New Amsterdam
Bear, Greg – Quantico, Darwin’s Children, Benford, Gregory & Carter, Paul – Iceborn
Bester, Alfred – Demolished Man
Birmingham, John – Weapons of Choice
Bishop, M, ed. – Cross of Centuries
Blaylock, James – All the Bells on Earth
Bonta, Vanna – Flight
Bova, Ben – City of Darkness (ya), Sam Gunn Omnibus
Bowes, Richard – From the Files of the Time Rangers
Bradbury, Ray – The Cat’s Pajamas
Brin, David – Stratos, Glory Season, Sky Horizon (ya), Out of Time: Yanked – Kress (ya)
Brown, Eric – Helix
Brunner, John – Jagged Orbit, The Sheep Look Up
Buckner, M.M. – War Surf
Butcher, Jim – White Night (Dresden Files)
Card, Orson Scott- Wyrms, Empire
Capbianco, Michael – Burster
Carey, Jacqueline – Kushiel’s Dart, Kushiel’s Avatar
Carver, Jeff – Neptune Crossing
Cherryh, C. J. – Downbelow Station
Clarke, A – Dolphin Island (ya)
Clarke, Arthur & Stephen Baxter – Time’s Eye#1, Firstborn #2, (Time Odyssey trilogy) Emperor #1, Conqueror #2 (Time’s Tapestry series)
Clayton, Donald – The Joshua Factor
Clement, Hal – Mission of Gravity
Cook, Hugh – Wizards and the Warriors #1, The Wordsmiths and the Warguild, #2 (Chronicles of an Age of Darkness) ** To find and Wake the Dreamer
Cooper, Brenda – The Silver Ship and the Sea
Crowther, ed. – Moon Shots (anth)
Cunningham, Mich – Specimen Days
Czerneda, Julie – Survival #1, Migration #2, Regeneration #3 (Species Imperative)
Dann, Jack & Gardner Dozois – Beyond Singularity
Dann, Jon R. – Song of the Axe
Davis Russell & Martin H. Greenburg, eds. – Apprentice Fantastic (anth)
Delaney, Samuel – The Einstein Intersection, Dahlgren
DeLint, Charles – Spirits in the Wire, Onion Girl
Dick, Philip K. – Valis
DiFilippo, P – Fuzzy Dice, Ribopunk, The Steampunk Trilogy
Doctorow, Cory – Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
Dowling, Jerry, ed. – The Jack Vane Treasury (ss)
Duntemann, Jeff – **The Cunning Blood
Egan, Greg – Schild’s Ladder, Quarantine, Diaspora, Permutation City, Terrenasia
Eklund, Gordon – A Thunder on Neptune
Elliot, Kate – King’s Dragon #1, Prince of Dogs #2, Burning Stone #3, Child of Flame #4, Gathering Storm #5, (Crown of Stars – fantasy)
Ellison, Harlan – Deathbird Stories (SFBC – ss)
Elrod, P.N., ed. – The Magic Shop (anth)
Emerson, Earl – Vertical Burn
Eskridge, Kelly – Dangerous Space (ss)
Farmer, Nancy – Riverworld, The Ear, The Eye and the Arm, The House of the Scorpion
Flynn, Michael – Country of the Blind, Eifelheim
Forward, Robert – Dragon’s Egg#1, **Starquake #2
Frost, Greg – Fitcher’s Brides
Gaiman, Neil – Mister Magic, Interworld
Gardner, James Alan – Vigilant #2, Hunted #3, Trapped #4 (Festina Ramos), Ascending, Gravity Wells (ss)
Gibson, William – Spook Country, Pattern Recognition
Golden, Christopher – Myth Hunters, The Borderkind
Goonan, Kathleen Ann – Rhapsody, Crescent City, In War Times
Green, Tim – 4th Perimeter
Greenburg, Martin Harry, ed. – Assassin Fantastic (anth), All Hell Breaking Loose (anth), Gateways (anth)
Greenburg, Martin H. & Brittiany A. Koren, eds. – Pharoah Fantastic (anth), Fantasy Gone Wrong
Greenburg, Martin H. & Kerrie Hughes, eds. – Maiden, Matron, Crone (anth), Children of Magic (anth)
Greenburg, Martin H. & Janet Pack, eds. – Magic Tails (anth)
Greenburg, Martin H. & John Helfers, Eds. – In The Shadow of evil (anth)
Greenburg, Martin H. & Russell Davis, eds. – Millennium 3001
Griffith, Nicola – Slow River
Grimsley, Jim – The Last Green Tree
Grimwood, Jon Courteney – End of the World Blues, **Recursion, Pashazade #1, Effendi #2, Felaheen #3 (Arabesk Trilogy – fantasy)
Hairston, Andrea- Mindscape
Haldeman, Joe – Camouflage, Forever Free
Hambly, Barbara – Ishmael (Star Trek)
Hamilton, Peter – Pandora’s Star, Judas Unchained, Reality Dysfunction Part II, A Quantum Murder, The Dreaming Void
Harrison, M. John – Nova Swing
Hartwell, David, ed. – The Space Opera Renaissance (anth)
Heinelein, RA – Mutants (ya), Outward Bound (SFBC- Podakyne, Have Spacesuit, Starship Troopers), To The Stars (SFBC – Between Planets, Rolling Stones, Starman Jones, Star Beast), Double Star, Beyond the Horizon
Heinlein, Robert and Spider Robinson – Variable Star
Herbert, Brian – The Web & the Stars
Hoyle, Fred – October the First is Too Late (old)
Jones, Gwyneth – Bold as Love
Kaye, Marvin, ed. – Don’t Open This Book (anth)
Kent, Steven – Clone Republic
Kenyon, Kay – Maximum Ice#1, Braided World #2, Tropic of Creation, Bright of the Sky #1, A World Too Near #2 (The Entire and the Rose series), Leap Point
Kenyon, Sherrilyn, ed. – My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding (anth)
Keyes, Greg – Newton’s Cannon #1 (The Age of Unreason – fantasy)
King, Stephen – Dark Tower series, Lissey’s Story
Kress, Nancy – **Beggars in Spain, Out of Time:Yanked (Brin series)
Lackey, M & Mallory, James – Outstretched Shadow
Landis, Geoffrey – Impact Parameter (ss)
Landon, Kristin – Hidden Worlds
Lem, Stanilaw – The Investigation
Levinson, Paul – The Plot to Save Socrates
Little, Denise, ed. – Creature Fantastic (anth), Time After Time (anth), Hags, Siren and Other Bad Girls of Fantasy (anth), Magic Toybox (anth)
Lumley, Brian – The House of Doors, Psychomech, Screaming SF (ss)
Mackay, Scott – Phytosphere
MacLeod, Ken – Cosmonaut Keep #1, Dark Light #2, Engine City #3 (Engines of Light series), Star Faction #1, Stone Canal #2, Cassini Division #3, (Fall Revolution series), Learning the World, Human front, Cydonia
Maguire, Greg – Mirror, Mirror (snow White fantasy)
Martin, Mark & Benford, Gregory – A Darker Geometry
Martin, George R.R., Gardner Dozois & Daniel Abraham – Hunter’s Run (not an anth)
Martin, George R.R. ed. – Inside Straight (anth), McAuley, Paul – **Four Hundred Billion Stars, Secret Harmony, Eternal Light (400 Billion Stars series), Of the Fall, Fairyland, Red Dust, White Devils, Secret of Life, Whole Wide World, Child of the River #1, Ancients of days #2, Shrine of the Stars #3 (Confluence series)
McCaffrey, Anne & Elizabeth Scarborough – Changelings #1, Maelstrom #2 Deluge #3 (Twins of Petaybee – ya/adult), First Warning #1, Second Wave #2, Third Watch #3 (Acorna’s Children – ya/adult)
McCarthy, Wil – Collapsium #1, Wellstone #2, Lost in Transmission #3, Flies From the Amber
McDevitt, Jack – Outbound
McDonald, Ian – River of Gods
McIntyre, Vonda – Transition
McKinley, Robin – Blue Sword
McMullen, Sean – Souls of the Great Machine
McPhail, Mike – Breach the Hull
Melko, Richard – Singularities Ring
Mieville, China – Iron Council, Un Lun Din
Mitchell, Syne – Technogenesis
Moon, Elizabeth – Command Decision, Engaging the Enemy, Remnant Population, Speed of Dark
Morgan, Richard – Altered Carbon, Broken Angels, Woken Furies (series)
Moriarty, Chris – Spin State, Spin Control
Nagata, Linda – Tech Heaven
Niven, Larry – Neutron Star (ss)
Niven, Larry & Lerner – Fleet of Worlds
Norton, Andre – Zero Stone (ya)
Norton, Andre & Martin Greenburg, eds – Catfantastic 5
Olson, Mark, ed. – Years in the Making (L. Sprague deCamp ss)
Palmer, Philip – Debatable Space
Parks, Paul – The Tourmaline
Patterson, James – Maximum Ride: Angel Experiment, School’s Out Forever (y/a)
Pohl, Fred – The Coming of Quantum Cats, Platinum Pohl (ss)
Pratchett, Terry – Going Postal, Men at Arms
Preuss, Paul – Broken Symmetries #1, Secret Passages #2
Reed, Kit – Dogs of Truth (ss)
Reed, Robert – Marrow#1, Well of Stars #2
Remic, Andy – War Machine
Resnick, Mike, ed. – Alien Crimes (anth), Down These Dark Spaceways (anth), I, Alien (anth)
Reynolds, Alastair – The Prefect, Galactic North
Roberson, Chris – Here, There, Everywhere
Robinson, Kim Stanley – The Galilieans, Wild Shore #1, Gold Coast #2, Pacific Edge #3 (Three Californias series)
Robson, Justina – Keeping it Real #1, Selling out #2 (Quantum Gravity series), Mappa Mundi, Natural History, Silver Screen
Rosenblum, Mary – Horizons (anth)
Rucker, Rudy – Postsingular
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn – White Mists of Power , The Black Queen #1, the Black King #2, Sacrifice #1(Book of the Fey)
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn, ed. – Familiars
Russell, Mary Doria – The Sparrow, Children of God
Russo, RP, ed – Futures from Nature
Sawyer, Robert – Frameshift, Terminal Exposure, Rollback, Mindscan, Hominids #1, Humans #2, Hybrids #3 (Neanderthal Parallax), Fast Forward
Scalzi, Jon – An Old Man’s War, The Android’s Dream
Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann – Cleopatra 7.2
Schroeder, Karl – Queen of Candesce, Engines of Recall
Schmidt, Stanley – Newton and the Quasi-Apple
Scott, Tim – Outrageous Fortune
Shaw, Bob – Other Days, Other Eyes
Shepard, Joel – Crossover
Simmons, Dan – Olympos, Fall of Hyperion #2, Endymion #3, Rise of Endymion #4
Silverberg, Robert – Time of the Great Freeze (ya)
Snyder, Maria – Poison Study
Stableford, Brian – Architects of Immortality
Steele, Allan – Coyote Rising, Spindrift
Stephenson, Neal – Snow Crash, Quicksilver, Cryptonomicon
Sterling, Bruce – Schismatrix Plus
Stewart, Ian – Flatterland
Stirling, S.M. – Protector’s War #2, A Meeting at Corvallis #3
Strahan, Jonathon – Best Short Novels 2004, 2005, 2006
Stross, Charles – Glasshouse, Singularity Sky, Iron Sunrise, Halting State, The Family Trade #1, The Hidden family #2, Clan Corporate #3, Merchant’s War #4 (The Merchant Princes series), The Jennifer Morgue
Suzaki, Koji & Glynne Walley – Ring #1, Spiral #2, Loop #3 (Ring trilogy)
Tepper, Sheri – Sideshow, A Plague of Angels, Gibbon’s Decline and Fall, The Awakeners (Northshore, Southshore), Singer From the Sea
Thomas, Jeffrey – Deadstock,
Thompson, Mercy – Moon Called
Tiptree, James – The Girl Who was Plugged In
Tobias, Micael – Voice of the Planet
Traviss, Karen – Matriach, Judge
Van Voght, A.E. – Slan
Varley, John – Red Thunder, Red Lightening
Vinge, Vernor – Marooned in Realtime
Vonarburg, Elizabeth – A Game of Perfection
Watts, Peter – Blindsight
Weber, David – Off Armageddon Reef
Weinbaum, Stanley – The New Adam
Westerfield – Peeps, Fine Prey, Evolution’s Darling, The Risen Empire #1, The Killing of Worlds #2 (Succession series) Midnighters (The Secret Hour, Touching Darkness, Blue Noon)
Wharton, Ken – Divine Intervention
Williams, Tad – War of the Flowers
Williams, Walter Jon – Voice of the Whirlwind, Hardwired, Implied Spaces
Williamson, Jack – Stonehenge Gate
Willis, Connie, & S. Williams, eds – A Woman’s Liberation: Futures By and About Women
Wilson, R.C. – Chronoliths, Darwinia, Axis, Spin
Womack, J – Random Acts of Senseless Violence
Zebrowski, George – Macrolife: A Mobile Utopia
Zeddies, Ann – Steel Helix
Zettel, Sarah – Reclamation


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