New Thriller Adventure books to read/watch for…Part I

The list below is a collection of new(er) books from favorite authors of mine like Matt Reilly, James Rollins, F. Paul Wilson, and others I have yet to read. Some of these are in my TBR stack, others I don’t have, but are in the same basic action genre that I love, and they look interesting to me. Some are in genres of action/adventure, religious thrillers a la Da Vinci Code, some are more militaristic, and others more political. All I can guarantee is that you’ll find something to interest you if you like the genre at all.

The 6 Sacred Stones by Matthew Reilly

“Unlocking the secret of the Seven Ancient Wonders was only the beginning…

After their thrilling exploits in Matthew Reilly’s rampaging New York Times bestseller, 7 Deadly Wonders, supersoldier Jack West Jr. and his loyal team of adventurers are back, and now they face an all-but-impossible challenge. A mysterious ceremony in an unknown location has unraveled their work and triggered a catastrophic countdown that will climax in no less than the end of all life on Earth. But there is one last hope. If Jack and his team can find and rebuild a legendary ancient device known only as the “Machine,” they might be able to ward off the coming armageddon. The only clues to locating this Machine, however, are held within the fabled Six Sacred Stones, long lost in the fog of history.

And so the hunt begins for the Six Sacred Stones and the all-important knowledge they possess, but in the course of this wild adventure Jack and his team will discover that they are not the only ones seeking the Stones and that there might just be other players out there who don’t want to see the world saved at all. From Stonehenge in England to the deserts of Egypt to the spectacular Three Gorges region of China, The 6 Sacred Stones will take you on a nonstop roller-coaster ride through ancient history, modern military hardware, and some of the fastest and most mind-blowing action you will ever read.” Amazon

Antarktos Rising by Jeremy Robinson

“A phenomenon known as crustal displacement shifts the Earth’s crust, repositioning continents and causing countless deaths. In the wake of the global catastrophe, the world struggles to take care of its displaced billions. But Antarctica, freshly thawed and blooming, has emerged as a new hope. Rather than wage a world war no nation can endure, the leading nations devise a competition, a race to the center of Antarctica, with the three victors dividing the continent. It is within this race that Mirabelle Whitney, one of the few surviving experts on the continent, grouped with an American special forces unit, finds herself. But the dangers awaiting the team are far worse than feared; beyond the sour history of a torn family, beyond the nefarious intentions of their human enemies, beyond the ancient creatures reborn through anhydrobiosis-there are the Nephilim. The world races to claim a new continent, only to find it already taken.” Amazon

The Rozabal Line by Shawn Haigins

“The Rozabal Line is a suspenseful novel about modern-day religious tensions. Father Vincent Morgan becomes immersed in a storm of controversy over the ancient tomb of Rozabal in Kashmir, which has contained the body of the saint Yuz Asaf since 112 A.D. Caught in the crossroads between extreme Islamic fundamentalists and the equally extreme fundamentalists of the Crux Decussata Permuta, Morgan must question whether the world-altering secret held within Rozabal should be revealed at all. Religious wrath, ruthless controversy spanning the globe, and the threat of nuclear destruction make for a gripping read from cover to cover.” Midwest Book Review

The Last Oracle: A Novel by James Rollins

Available 6/24/08 – No other information

The Hunt for Atlantis by Andy McDermott

“This is another new author to me and that is because this is his first novel. You would think that a storyline which involved searching for the lost city of Atlantis would have been done to death by now, but this is a very good first novel for the author. The author is very adept at generating excitement and the book is fast paced. Like some of the previous reviewers I found it very difficult to put down.

A young female archaeologist believes that she has found the location of the lost city of Atlantis. She obviously would like to be able to prove this fact. The problem she has is that someone wants her dead. The main character Nina Wilde, the said archaeologist is a believable and likeable person and the reader can relate to her character and her race against time to find lost secret . . .

The book was very enjoyable and I was sorry when it ended. I believe the author has another book in the pipeline called The Tomb of Hercules and I shall certainly be looking out for it when it is published.” Amazon reader review by J. Chippendale

Blasphemy by Douglas Preston

“The world’s biggest supercollider, locked in an Arizona mountain, was built to reveal the secrets of the very moment of creation: the Big Bang itself.The Torus is the most expensive machine ever created by humankind, run by the world’s most powerful supercomputer. It is the brainchild of Nobel Laureate William North Hazelius. Will the Torus divulge the mysteries of the creation of the universe? Or will it, as some predict, suck the earth into a mini black hole? Or is the Torus a Satanic attempt, as a powerful televangelist decries, to challenge God Almighty on the very throne of Heaven?Twelve scientists under the leadership of Hazelius are sent to the remote mountain to turn it on, and what they discover must be hidden from the world at all costs. Wyman Ford, ex-monk and CIA operative, is tapped to wrest their secret, a secret that will either destroy the world…or save it.The countdown begins… ” Amazon

Event: A Novel (Event Group Thrillers) by David Lynn Golemon

“Former Special Ops member Golemon puts his military experience to good use in this promising debut sure to satisfy fans of The X-Files. Maj. Jack Collins, whose career was jeopardized after he testified truthfully before Congress about a debacle in Afghanistan, is given a new lease on life after he’s drafted into the Event Group, a covert organization that hides behind the facade of the National Archives. The group’s shadowy leaders reveal to Collins that they have secretly served every U.S. president since Lincoln, tracking down artifacts like Noah’s Ark in the interest of national security. Collins receives a baptism of fire when the downing of a military aircraft appears to be the work of the same kind of UFOs responsible for the legendary Roswell incident in 1947. While the climactic scenes may be a bit too reminiscent of the parody horror film Tremors for some, the plotting and hair’s-breadth escapes evoke some of the early work of Preston and Child, and the author’s premise offers a rich lode of materials for the inevitable sequels.” Publishers Weekly

Dedicated to discovering the truth behind the myths and legends propagated throughout world history, the Event Group—an agency within the U.S. government that officially doesn’t exist—ensures that mistakes from the past are never repeated.”

Legend: An Event Group Adventure by David Lynn Golemon

“Golemon’s second thriller fails to deliver on the promise of his first, Event (2006), which introduced the exploits of a supersecret U.S. government agency, the Event Group. The author, a former U.S. Army Special Ops member, draws the reader in with an intriguing prologue: in 1534, explorer Francisco Pizarro and his men, in their search for El Dorado, encounter a vicious creature determined to guard the legendary treasure trove; in 1876, at Custer’s last stand, Capt. Myles Keogh takes to his death a secret from hundreds of years in the past. In the present day, the intrepid men and women of the Event Group follow the trail of Pizarro’s expedition in an effort both to find the lost Incan gold Pizarro was seeking and to rescue the U.S. president’s daughter, who has disappeared while on the same quest. A shortage of well-developed characters and plausible scientific speculation, however, makes this a less satisfying adventure than its predecessor.” Publishers Weekly

Ancients: An Event Group Adventure by David Lynn Golemon

An Event Group Thriller

Available 7/8/08

“Go down a river of no return, toward a fateful meeting with an animal that predates mankind’s existence by ninety million years—after a treasure that has captured man’s desires for centuries. This is what Legends are made of. The year 1533: Sent by Francisco Pizarro, Captain Hernando Padilla and his small Spanish expedition found the legend that men had only dared to whisper.”

“But one soldier survives the bloody savagery and, before dying, shares his story with a lone priest in Peru. A secret the Vatican quickly buried away. The Present: Professor Helen Zachary is searching for a hidden legend, buried deep within the Amazon Basin—a great beast who has survived there since the dawn of time, a being ready to plunge modern science into a world of darkness. And into this darkness, Professor Zachary and her team vanish. Now a letter from a colleague of Zachary’s sends the Event Group, led by Major Jack Collins, chasing down the professor’s lost expedition and into the legendary darkness of the Amazon.”

The Venetian Betrayal: A Novel by Steve Berry

“In 323 B.C.E, having conquered Persia, Alexander the Great set his sights on Arabia, then suddenly succumbed to a strange fever. Locating his final resting place–unknown to this day–remains a tantalizing goal for both archaeologists and treasure hunters. Now the quest for this coveted prize is about to heat up. And Cotton Malone–former U.S. Justice Department agent turned rare-book dealer–will be drawn into an intense geopolitical chess game. After narrowly escaping incineration in a devastating fire that consumes a Danish museum, Cotton learns from his friend, the beguiling adventurer Cassiopeia Vitt, that the blaze was neither an accident nor an isolated incident. As part of campaign of arson intended to mask a far more diabolical design, buildings across Europe are being devoured by infernos of unnatural strength.

And from the ashes of the U.S.S.R., a new nation has arisen: Former Soviet republics have consolidated into the Central Asian Federation. At its helm is Supreme Minister Irina Zovastina, a cunning despot with a talent for politics, a taste for blood sport, and the single-minded desire to surpass Alexander the Great as history’s ultimate conqueror.
Backed by a secret cabal of powerbrokers, the Federation has amassed a harrowing arsenal of biological weapons. Equipped with the hellish power to decimate other nations at will, only one thing keeps Zovastina from setting in motion her death march of domination: a miraculous healing serum, kept secret by an ancient puzzle and buried with the mummified remains of Alexander the Great–in a tomb lost to the ages for more than 1,500 years. Together, Cotton and Cassiopeia must outrun and outthink the forces allied against them. Their perilous quest will take them to the shores of Denmark, deep into the venerated monuments of Venice, and finally high inside the desolate Pamir mountains of Central Asia to unravel a riddle whose solution could destroy or save millions of people–depending on who finds the lost tomb first.” Amazon

The Judas Strain: A Novel by James Rollins

“The crack, ultrasecret Sigma Force team returns in another adventure that, as usual, unfolds at breakneck speed. Sigma Force, made up of former Special Forces officers trained as experts in various scientific fields (“killer scientists,” one of their number calls them), scours the world for technologies that could help or threaten the U.S. This time the group’s mission involves a devastating bacteriological plague, a mysterious cryptogram that may predate humanity, and the deadly truth about what happened after Marco Polo’s expedition to China. After a handful of Sigma Force novels, Rollins has fine-tuned the formula to precision: characters rendered in broad strokes, punchy dialogue, short paragraphs that propel us headlong through the story. The novels are like prose versions of comic books, or lightly fleshed out movie treatments. But this is not a criticism, at least not completely. The books’ style perfectly matches their subject matter, and it’s impossible not to be swept up by their energy and excitement. Action/adventure fans unfamiliar with Rollins’ work should be emphatically urged to read this series.” Booklist

Solomon’s Key: The Codis Project by R. Douglas Weber

“A smart, intelligent thriller with something for everyone. This new religious conspiracy genre created by Dan Brown has had many knock-offs. None, however, have the depth and scope of Weber’s novel. He peels away the glossy finish you find in most spy thrillers, prying deeply into his two major female character’s motivations, flaws, and past. The visceral action of Ludlum combined with the realism of John Le’Carre’.” The Guardian

Grail Conspiracy: A Cotten Stone Mystery by Lynn Sholes

“On assignment in the Middle East, television journalist Cotten Stone stumbles upon an archeological dig that uncovers the world’s most-sought-after religious relic: the Holy Grail. With his last dying breath, Dr. Gabriel Archer gives it to Cotten, uttering “You are the only one” in a language she’s heard from only one other person–her deceased twin sister.

What begins as a hot news story for the ambitious young reporter soon turns into a nightmare when the Holy Grail is stolen and strange “accidents” befall her dearest friends. Running for her life, she turns to John Tyler, a priest with firsthand knowledge of religious artifacts, for help. An anonymous source leads them to New Orleans during Mardi Gras, where an abominable experiment is underway that–unless destroyed–promises to unleash an ancient evil upon the Earth.” Amazon

Last Secret, The: A Cotten Stone Mystery by Lynn Sholes

“In this riveting follow-up to The Grail Conspiracy, famed journalist Cotten Stone is at the top of her craft until one of her discoveries is proven to be a hoax. Without a steady job, credibility, or a shred of self-respect, the struggling reporter fades from the limelight. A year later at a famous Inca site, she unearths a crystal tablet that predicts the Great Flood and another final “cleansing”-yet to take place-to be led by the daughter of an angel.

According to the Venatori-an ancient sociof spiritual warriors-a series of these sacred tablets exist . . . and the last one holds the key to surviving Armegeddon. Racing to recover this last secret before the Fallen ones, Cotten comes face to face with her terrifying destiny, a legacy to battle the Son of the Dawn until the End of Days.” Amazon

Hades Project, The: A Cotten Stone Mystery by Lynn Sholes

“Forged by the seventh generation grandson of Adam, used to pierce the side of Christ at the Crucifixion, and possessed by some of history’s most powerful men—Constantine, Attila the Hun, Adolf Hitler, Harry Truman—the Holy Lance is about to be used again. The Forces of Evil intend to use the ancient relic to launch the Hades Project and bring humankind to its knees. From the Kremlin to the Vatican to an Ethiopian church housing the Ark of the Covenant, Cotten Stone races to find the Holy Lance. Time is running out as Cotten confronts the man who holds in his hand the destiny of the world, a man who died more than 85 years earlier.” Amazon

Plague Ship (Oregon Files) by Clive Cussler

Available 6/2/08 (Book #5 in the series, Starting with Golden Buddha (2003), Sacred Stone (2004), Dark Watch (2005), and Skeleton Coast (2006)

Deeper: A Novel by Jeff Long

“*Starred Review* In The Descent (1999), Long introduced us to hell: not the biblical hell, but the actual place. Hell, it turns out, is an underground world where a nasty race of humanoids called hadals lived for millennia, occasionally coming to the surface and wreaking havoc. In The Descent, the hadals were wiped out, or so we thought. Now, 10 years later, humans have colonized the Subterrain, but they’re about to find out that some hadals have survived and that you can’t really kill Satan. At least as exciting as its predecessor, this flashy, fast-paced sequel features a motley crew of characters—including one of the human survivors of the last novel, Ali Von Schade, who ventures deep into hell to rescue children who were abducted from the surface. In addition to Ali, the characters include a NASA researcher who spent two years exploring hell and who now has massive physical deformities, including a pair of horns; the mother of one of the missing children, whose journey into the Subterrain takes an unexpected toll on her; a filmmaker who disappeared into hell several years ago and who seems to have survived its perils; and a Navy SEAL sniper. Long has a knack for telling stories with inherently over-the-top premises, but he tells them so well and with such passion that we are brought totally under his spell. His characters are real and complex, his dialogue sharp, and his narrative stylish and frightening. This is one case where readers should be enthusiastically encouraged to go to hell.” Booklist

The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston

“In the nonfiction tradition of John Berendt (“Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”) and Erik Larson (“The Devil in the White City”), New York Times bestselling author Douglas Preston presents a gripping account of crime and punishment in the lush hills surrounding Florence, Italy.In 2000, Douglas Preston fulfilled a dream to move his family to Italy.Then he discovered that the olive grove in front of their 14th century farmhouse had been the scene of the most infamous double-murders in Italian history, committed by a serial killer known as the Monster of Florence. Preston, intrigued, meets Italian investigative journalist Mario Spezi to learn more. This is the true story of their search for–and identification of–the man they believe committed the crimes, and their chilling interview with him. And then, in a strange twist of fate, Preston and Spezi themselves become targets of the police investigation. Preston has his phone tapped, is interrogated, and told to leave the country. Spezi fares worse: he is thrown into Italy’s grim Capanne prison, accused of being the Monster of Florence himself.Like one of Preston’s thrillers, The Monster Of Florence, tells a remarkable and harrowing story involving murder, mutilation, and suicide-and at the center of it, Preston and Spezi, caught in a bizarre prosecutorial vendetta.” Amazon

The 13th Apostle by Richard and Rachael Heller

“The Hellers, a husband-and-wife team known for their health titles (The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet, etc.) make a thrilling fiction debut in this fast-paced, well-researched adventure, a foray into Da Vinci Code–style papal mystery. American cybersleuth Gil Pearson, a semifamous antihacker, gets tapped to help translate an ancient copper scroll that’s meant to lead to a fabulous treasure. Accompanied by striking, strong Sabbie Karaim, a translator and former Israeli military operative, Gil travels to Israel, where he’s introduced to the dangerous conspiracy that surrounds the scroll, and soon realizes the perilous position he’s gotten himself into; apparently, the scroll contains not just a treasure map but the truth about the life and death of Jesus. As rival factions try to claim the scroll for their own agendas (to protect Christianity, to destroy Christianity, etc.), Gil and Sabbie head on a breakneck quest around the globe trying stay one step ahead of their pursuers while teasing out the secrets of the age-old document. A satisfying, well-structured entry into the still-hot subgenre, the Hellers have a definite crowd-pleaser on their hands—assuming it doesn’t get buried in a saturated market.” Publishers Weekly

The Shell Game by Steve Alten

“Steve Alten proves his versatility in his latest thriller THE SHELL GAME, a tour-de-force thriller tackling oil, politics, and the state of the world. Controversial, shocking, meticulously researched, and sure to raise many eyebrows in Washington, Alten has produced both a dazzling political thriller and to a cautionary tale for our times. Anyone interested in the labyrinthine world of politics, international gamemanship, and the control of oil in society needs to read this book.” Douglas Preston

Rembrandt’s Ghost by Paul Christopher

“There is truth in art. But the truth can kill.

Young archaeologist Finn Ryan is laboring for a London auction house when she gets some unlikely luck. Along with the handsome young nobleman Billy Pilgrim, she’s inherited a house in Amsterdam, a cargo ship off Borneo South Pacific, and what appears to be a fake Rembrandt.

But the fake hides a real Rembrandt portrait, which in turn hides a clue to a centuries-old mystery. Finn and Billy aren’t the only ones who know what is at stake-and what is waiting to be found at the bottom of the South Pacific. Pursued around the globe by ruthless adversaries, Finn and Billy are thrown into the hunt for a forgotten treasure that could change their lives forever-or end their lives in an instant.” Amazon

The Sanctuary by Raymond Khoury

“Here is one of those novels that spans centuries, interweaves stories from past and present, and involves a brave hero trying to uncover the truth behind an ancient conspiracy that unnamed individuals will kill to protect. It’s hardly a new premise, but here’s the good thing: in Khoury’s hands, it feels fresh and exciting again. When archaeology professor Evelyn Bishop is kidnapped, her daughter, Mia, vows to find her and to find the secret behind the artifacts that apparently led to Evelyn’s abduction. Her odyssey takes her into unexpected corners of history, quickly putting her own life at risk. The action takes place mostly in Iraq but also journeys to eighteenth-century Italy and present-day Lebanon. The large cast of characters includes plenty of villainous types, including “the hakeem,” a doctor whose grisly medical experiments seem linked to a centuries-old mystery. There are dozens of ways this novel could have collapsed under its own narrative weight, but Khoury makes the conspiracy feel utterly believable and imbues his characters with infectious passion for finding the truth. A surefire hit with fans of conspiracy-based historical thrillers.” Booklist

Michelangelo’s Notebook by Paul Christopher

“Life may imitate art…but death follows it.

While studying art history at New York University, brilliant and beautiful Finn Ryan makes a startling discovery: a Michelangelo drawing of a dissected corpse-supposedly from the artist’s near-mythical notebook. But that very night, someone breaks into her apartment-murdering her boyfriend and stealing the sketches she made of the drawing. Fleeing for her life, Finn heads to the address her mother had given her for emergencies, where she finds the enigmatic antiquarian book dealer, Michael Valentine. Together, they embark on a desperate race through the city-and through the pages of history itself-to expose an electrifying secret from the final days of World War II-a secret that lies in the dark labyrinthine heart of the Vatican.” Amazon

The Pegasus Secret by Gregg Loomis

“Shortly after ex-spy Lang Reilly’s sister dies in an explosion in her Paris home, a reproduction of a painting by the 17th-century artist Poussin, which his sister bought the day before she died and which includes an odd Latin inscription, disappears from Lang’s home. With police and killers on his trail, Lang embarks on a journey to Italy to uncover the painting’s secrets as well as its connection to his sister, enlisting the help of a former co-worker, the German killing-machine Gurt Fuchs. Somewhat dry excerpts from a medieval account of the Knights of the Temple punctuate the action, hinting that the mystery is more complex than Lang can imagine. The international setting and fast-paced action grip, and fortunately, Loomis’s convincing protagonist possesses the intelligence and emotional depth to carry the reader through some unlikely scenarios (e.g., in an airport bathroom stall, Lang constructs a fake gun out of candy). Though the momentum sometimes lags, each scene is vivid enough to keep the reader engaged. Some may find the book’s secret societies and art history themes a trifle unoriginal, but others looking to repeat The Da Vinci Code experience will be satisfied.” Publisher’s Weekly First of the Lang Reilley books, followed by The Julian Secret and The Sinai Secret (below).

The Sinai Secret by Gregg Loomis

Available 3/08 – from the publisher: “A scientist in Amsterdam—murdered. Another scientist in Atlanta—murdered, and his journal stolen. At first Lang Reilly seemed to be the only connection. After all, both scientists worked for his foundation. But when someone took a shot at Lang to scare him away, it only made him more determined to find the truth.

Lang’s search will lead him along a twisted trail to Brussels, Cairo, Vienna, Tel Aviv…and deep into the secrets of the past. What’s the connection between the murdered scientists and an ancient parchment, recently unearthed? What revelations does it contain, and what powerful group is willing to kill to make sure its secrets remain hidden? With the balance of power in the Middle East at risk, Lang has to stay alive long enough to find the answer to a mystery that has puzzled historians for centuries.”

On the Fifth Day by A. J. Hartley

“In Hartley’s newest, disgraced English teacher Thomas Knight confronts a church conspiracy of silence surrounding the death of his brother, Father Edward Knight, while on a research trip in the Philippines. Looking to make sense of it all, Thomas’s search leads him from Italy to Japan to the site of his brother’s death, all the while narrowly escaping agents of unknown origin who seem hellbent on stopping him. With the distinction between friends and enemies becoming more fluid all the time, Knight falls in with his ex-wife at the State Department, a priestly colleague of his brother’s and a murderous biologist to discover a secret that threatens, yes, the very foundations of Christianity. Not only is Hartley’s novel well paced, with enough twists and turns to keep most thriller fans satisfied, he avoids the missteps of most attempts to cash in on the Da Vinci Code zeitgeist by focusing on the faithful rather than freewheeling conspiracies; his is a welcome take that considers thoughtfully, if at times clumsily, issues of belief and doubt. Though the action occasionally snags on some repetitive character details, this slam-bang title is a very fun, surprisingly satisfying read.” Publishers Weekly

The Messiah Code by Michael Cordy

“At the moment of his supreme triumph, a man of science dodges an assassin’s bullet and loses everything that truly matters in his life. Now only a miracle can save Dr. Tom Carter’s dying daughter: the blood of salvation shed twenty centuries ago.

In the volatile heart of the Middle East, amid the devastating secrets of an ancient brotherhood awaiting a new messiah, Tom Carter must search for answers to the mysteries that have challenged humankind since the death and resurrection of the greatest Healer who ever walked the Earth. Because suddenly Carter’s life, the life of his little girl, and the fate of the world hang in the balance …

After two thousand years, the wait is over …” Amazon

The Magdalene Cipher by Jim Hougan

“From the shadows of history — out of the ancient prophecies and sacred texts — comes a conspiracy so vast, so deep, so earth-shattering that the CIA itself is merely a cover for it.

The ritualistic slaughter of a college professor right under the nose of CIA agent Jack Dunphy has damned the disgraced operative to a living hell of paper-pushing obscurity. But Dunphy’s not ready to surrender his career until he uncovers the truth behind his demotion — embarking on a covert investigation that’s leading him into a world he never dreamed existed. And following a twisted trail of lies, Jack’s about to become ensnared in a monstrous international web spun by a secret society as old as civilization.

Escape is impossible — because the players are too powerful, the consequences are too deadly . . . and what’s at stake is no less than the destiny of the human race.” Amazon

Gates of Hades by Gregg Loomis

Jason Peters works for Narcom, a company that handles jobs too dangerous or politically risky for U.S. intelligence agencies. But when his house is attacked and he barely escapes the smoking wreckage, he knows this new case is out of the ordinary, even for him.

Jason will travel the globe—from Washington, D.C., to the Dominican Republic, to the volcanoes of Sicily—in a desperate race to uncover the ancient secret that lies at the heart of an unimaginable—and very deadly—plot.” Dorchester Publishing

Splintered Icon by Bill Napier

“In this suspenseful Da Vinci Code knockoff from British author Napier (Nemesis), Harry Blake, an antiquarian book dealer specializing in old maps and manuscripts, agrees to help Sir Toby Tebbit translate a 400-year-old journal, written in code, that Sir Toby has inherited from a heretofore unknown relative in Jamaica. The manuscript chronicles the adventures of a young cabin boy, James Ogilvie, who traveled to the Americas as part of a secret mission for the Elizabethan crown. When a mysterious woman approaches Blake about buying the journal, he refuses to sell. Later, Blake returns to the Tebbit household to discover that Sir Toby has been brutally murdered. Teaming up with rival historian Zola Kahn and Sir Toby’s daughter, Debbie, the trio soon join a race to determine the meaning behind Ogilvie’s encrypted text. A trail reaching as far back as the Crusades leads toward a holy relic that could be worth millions—or could be the key to a worldwide terrorist plot. Deftly mixing history, science and fiction, Napier keeps the action escalating toward a satisfying climax.” Publishers Weekly

The Lure by Bill Napier

“In a top-secret research facility, a team of scientists receive an unexpected message from the depths of space.At first, the blizzard of sub-nuclear particles seemed random. But soon a pattern emerges that could only have come from an alien intelligence far more advanced than our own. Now it’s up to Irish mathematician Tom Petrie to decode these messages and unlock their secret—one that is believed to contain an unimaginable technological breakthrough, and has the power to change the course of human history…unless the world’s superpowers succeed in suppressing the truth. Can Petrie and his team unmask the message’s true intent while evading those who aim to crush its extraordinary revelations? A desperate race against time—and through space—is about to begin….” Amazon
“Incredible…extraordinary.” Jeff Long
“Fans of Dan Brown take note.” Jack Du Brul
“Deftly mixing history, science, and fiction, Napier keeps the action escalating…” Publishers Weekly

The Lucifer Code by Michael Cordy

“Lucifer The Light Age has dawned. Light divides the universe into two: day and night. Good and evil. Life and death. Now its power, harnessed by a new generation of optical computers, attempts to answer mankind’s last great question: What happens to us when we die? But this is perilous knowledge, as Dr. Miles Fleming, a brilliant young neurologist discovers. To find the truth he must challenge the certainties of both science and religion, and embark on a journey that jeopardizes his most basic assumptions and beliefs. On reaching the final terrifying revelation he realizes that there are perhaps some things mankind should never know. For shining a light on the truth can sometimes reveal the darkest
recesses of hell itself. ” Amazon

Dark Passage by Junius Podrug

“What if Islamic assassins from the present were somehow able to go back in time to Galilee circa A.D. 30 and target Jesus for termination? Podrug takes this melodramatic premise and runs with it in this gripping adventure yarn that melds elements of science fiction with the big-screen biblical epics of the 1950s. Three unlikely but resourceful characters–an action-film star, an ex-nun who ministers to prostitutes, and an Israeli engineer-convict–are sent back in time in a desperate attempt to foil the terrorists’ plan to change history. The historical details are fascinating–filled with enough sword fights, chariot races, and orgies to make Cecil B. DeMille proud. The one-dimensional modern-day terrorists pale in comparison to the real villain, the wickedly salacious Queen Salome, who pops up now and then to seduce a centurion or torture an unfortunate prisoner. The provocative ending may offend some of the fundamentalist folk, but adventure, alternate-history, and historical fiction fans should find this an enjoyable read.” Booklist

The Medici Dagger by Cameron West

“”Let he who finds the Dagger use it for noble purpose. That was my father’s plan. And now it’s mine.” That stirring cry from Hollywood stunt man Reb Barnett occurs near the midway point of this laughable thriller about the search for a legendary dagger of unbreakable metal forged by Leonardo da Vinci, who hid the weapon and then left clues to its whereabouts in a manuscript called “The Circles of Truth.” Twenty years ago, a courier sent by Barnett’s museum curator father to retrieve the manuscript disappeared; that same night, Barnett’s parents died in a suspicious fire. Now a voice from the past drags Barnett into completing his father’s quest to find the dagger before munitions broker Werner Krell and his sadistic assassin, Nolo Tecci, can get their hands on it. The novel reads like a fleshed-out action film screenplay, with multiple locations, plenty of violent action, outrageously corny dialogue and the usual push-button tics that pass for characterization in Hollywood: Reb courts danger; Reb has a hard time expressing his feelings for his friend Archie Ferris and love interest Antonia Genevra Gianelli. West whose memoir, First Person Plural: My Life as a Multiple, was a New York Times bestseller has written what might be the world’s first stunt-thriller, a novel where at every moment you expect an off-page director to yell “Cut!” and order the real star in to flesh out the second unit shots that the stunt man just walked through. File this one under high concept, low execution. National advertising; 7-city author tour. (Sept. 11)Forecast: Film rights have been purchased. Tom Cruise will star. Enough said.” Publishers Weekly

Secret of the Sands by Rai Aren & Tavius E.

“In the shadow of the Great Sphinx of Giza, two young archaeologists unearth extremely unusual artifacts dating over 12,000 years old. Not only could this change everything we thought we knew about Ancient Egypt, but the exhilarating find is wrong – very wrong. The artifacts shouldn’t be there. . .they shouldn’t even exist at all. The greatest discovery in human history may also turn out to be the deadliest. . . Visit to learn more about the story that opens a window into the past, bringing this previously unknown and startling civilization to life.” Amazon

So have fun reading this round!


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