Researcher for hire!

One thing my book group and my blog has finally taught me – big revelation late last night – is that I am very, very good at pulling information from various sources, on any topic, even ones I don’t truly understand, and linking it together into a coherent whole (usually).  I.E. I can present a paper of research on just about anything that isn’t rocket science. (LOL)

What I am NOT is a writer.  I have tons of ideas for stories, but I can’t really write.  My “prose” is long, way too wordy, flowery, etc.  I lack the tight style that is preferred.  Various comments on my posts to my group have given me some insights into the flaws.  But I do know I can find out “stuff.”  THAT I love to do, and I do it well.

So, how do I get a job researching (at home)?  Somehow where I live is not the hotbed of writers/anybody.  Ideas?  I’ll have to give it some thought.  So there goes my thriller/horror novel…and it was going to be a biggie!  😉  Movie rights, video game, figurines, sigh…

So, I can think, know sources, know how to pin them together – I can write enough for that, but somehow I doubt any book I wrote would make it past an editor – I see big red slashes everywhere.  And I had a dream.

But right now I need money! – I want to go to the WorldCon in Denver in August – Denvention 3, the 66th(!) World Science Fiction Convention – so near, and yet so far…

Denvention 3 Logo

So, my mission will be to research how to be a researcher.  Redundant?  Pleonastic?  Oh, well, at least I have fun doing what I do – writing and reasearching stuff I care about.


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